Hero Wave

Apartment MPZ 5.06, Marina Port Zélande

TThis apartment at Marina Port Zélande is beautiful located at the marina and can equip up to 6 people in 3 bedrooms and has a big  bathroom with shower, bath, toilet and double sinks. The terrace is located directly at the marina boulevard with the North Sea on short walking distance. Here you can enjoy the beachlife, this makes life beautiful. Boats can be rented to explore the salt-water Grevelingen lake with its beautiful islands. The apartments and the marina are directly located at the Grevelingen lake. The private WIFI enables fast internet and e-mail traffic. The well equiped kitchen enables you to prepare all the food you want. Of course there are plenty of nice restaurants in the neighbourhood and on the beach to enjoy lunch and dining. In case the weather is not the way you want, you can enjoy the facilities of Port Zélande and its tropical swimming paradise.